At the Albuquerque Forward Fund, we know that jobs are critical to a community's growth and vital to its future. That's why we devote our time and resources to philanthropic activities and charitable programs that help generate jobs in the Albuquerque metropolitan area. We focus our efforts on three areas:


The Albuquerque Forward Fund educates employers and connects them to the resources they need in order to innovate, expand and thrive. Topics of our free or low-cost educational programs range from classes on alternative lending and tax code to workshops on HR law and international trade. This type of education helps employers grow, which improves the region's overall economy. In addition, the Forward Fund collaborates with community stakeholders to ensure that the local workforce has up-to-date training and in-demand skills that position them for success.


The Albuquerque Forward Fund conducts and publishes research on the region's workforce, employment data, industry trends and economic outlook. Job seekers, employers, educators, policy makers and business leaders use this data to identify issues, address challenges, and position our community to take advantage of opportunities. It allows us to be proactive instead of reactive, and puts us in charge of designing our future.


The Albuquerque Forward Fund supports the mission of Albuquerque Economic Development, Inc., to attract new employers to the area, help existing employers grow, generate jobs, and expand the economy. Good-paying jobs do more than lift people out of unemployment or underemployment; they support families, stabilize neighborhoods, revitalize communities, and stimulate the economy of the entire region. They are the foundation for the metro region's growth, prosperity and success.